Veteran Monument Cleaning, Floral Placement, at Discount


All Services Guaranteed. Free gravesite assessments performed if needed and upon request. This added value service is especially beneficial if there are no family members left in the area. If you are not satisfied with results from photos we took, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied. That is why you hired us in the first place.

We work closely with cemetery management and all work will be performed in accordance to the cemetery’s, rules and regulations. All special request work will be reviewed for compliance with each cemetery.

Floral Delivery & Placement:

  • Acquiring type of floral piece, arrangement to any wish or desire.
  • Acquiring floral piece to our discretion directed by our client. Common practice with close relations with our clients.
  • Placement of piece at Location
  • Photos taken and forwarded.
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Detailed Grave Maintenance on:

  • Standard Sized Headstone or Marker.
  • Cremation Headstone.
  • Memorial Statue.
  • Memorial or Cremation Bench.
  • Larger Headstone with Statue/Vase, etc.
  • Headstone with grave plot that involves a surrounding kerb (curbing) that outlines the grave. The center is either grass, gravel fill or solid stone (traditional tomb) (please email or call).
  • Crypt (please email or call).
  • Mausoleum (please email or call)
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Top Level Services:

Primary Care:

  • Full Gravesite Report.
    • Site Inspection.
    • Pest Notification.
    • Damage/Vandalism notification with photos.
  • Grass Trimming around the monument, marker.
  • Weeding.
  • Raking of plot area.
  • Edging around the monument, marker.
  • Removal of litter, debris, old decorations, obsolete plants.
  • Light cleaning of monument or marker (incl. all parts of the monument, i.e. vases, etc.).
  • Watering of existing flowers/plants and grass.
  • Pruning of existing flowers/plants.
  • Before and After photos. Complete detailed narrative written of observations of the site and worked performed.

Primary Care +:

  • Primary Care plus:
  • Seeding.
  • Fertilizing Grass (Spring & Fall).
  • Mulching.
  • Planting of Flower

Detailed Services:

Monument, Marker Detail:

  • Light Power Washing (no more than 60psi, to preserve stone face) of headstone, marker or statue.
  • Cleaning, Soft Bristle.
  • Scrub and Polishing (removal of deep dirt, moss, lichen growth, etc.).
  • May require the use of friendly, PH neutral, cleaning agent, for deeper clean.
  • Before and After photos. Complete detailed narrative written of observations of the site and worked performed.
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Floral Planting Request (adhering to cemetery rules/regulations).:

  • Planting of flowers/plants.
  • Type.
  • Quantity of the Flora.
  • If desired and depending on cemetery rules/regulations, artificial, silk flowers may substitute live flowers and plants.
  • Before and After Photos.
  • Plus, market price of the flora.
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Memorial Piece Placement Request (adhering to cemetery rules/ regulations).:

  • As Examples
  • Solar Lights.
  • Memorial Candles.
  • Grave Blanket or Pillow.
  • Before and After Photos.
  • Plus, market price of the piece(s).
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Monument and Marker Restoration:

  • Comming Soon

GPS/Cemetery Mapping

  • Detailed burial site or gravesite location information gathering.

Genealogy Research

  • Please call to disscuss.

Special Requests

  • Please call to disscuss.

As examples:

  • Erosion Control.
  • Snow Removal.
  • Messages(s) Placement.

Special Occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries. Holidays.

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Frequency of Visits for Services offered:

  • One Time Visit.
  • Maintenance Plan (Multiple Visits).
  • Custom Package. Tailored to your specific needs.
    For instance, Annual Visits, Bi-Annual Visits, Seasonal Visits.
  • Special Occasion Visits.
  • Holiday Visits.
  • Perpetuity Plans – Preplanned.

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