Veteran Monument Cleaning, Floral Placement, at Discount

Darius,I wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent job you all did tending to my mother’s, father’s, and paternal grandmother’s grave sites. A few months ago (or more) my friends from Facebook started posting warnings about flooding issues at Ridgelawn Cemetery in Gary, IN, my hometown. The posts indicated terrible flooding, especially in the veteran’s section where I knew my mom and dad were buried. I was more than sick to my stomach. I felt terrible not having visited them in so long. I called my brother who resides in Tucson to discuss the issue. I live in Atlanta and we both agreed something must be done, but we did not know where to start. I had no issues with driving up to survey the issue but wanted to know what to expect. For over a month, I asked my high school friends still in the area if they would take some pictures for me. I few said yes, but weeks passed and nothing. My brother’s wife mentioned there were services available that would maintain grave sites for those who could not. He called one and we waited — no deal, distance too far. I then searched and found your website. I could see you worked in the Chicago area but Ridgelawn was out of your mapped area of service. I sent an email assuming a negative response and almost immediately Darius was in contact with me.I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear that he would be willing to help and then he listed all the services your company provides. The prices, from what I could see, were way more than fair. Long story short, Darius recommended I contact Ridgelawn to have them take care of some issues they were responsible for after he reviewed the photos I sent and suggested I contact him again when they completed their work. A few weeks went by and Darius handled my many “Is it done yet” emails in his usual calm way (thank you for putting up with me). This weekend your company visited Ridgelawn and did an absolutely fantastic job on all three plots. You even found the missing vase which I never knew existed). It is not the same as if my brother and I had done it in person (assuming we even could) but I felt so good afterward. A ton of bricks lifted off my shoulders. For months, I walked past my mom and dad’s photos and apologized to them for neglecting them and grandma and assured them I was doing my best to take care of it. They both died when I was fairly young. They never had the chance to see me grow up and live my life. This Monday, I sat down and told them it was now under control. I am sure you hear this all the time but let me tell you again; your services are a blessing to people such as I that simply cannot tend to their loved ones as they should.
Darius makes you feel that one of the family in the way he deals with this process. Takes photos, explains any issues,  and recommends a course of action. And, using the names of the people he is tending to (Charles, Frances, and Nellie) makes it seem so much more personal. I could tell from our phone call he was more interested in making sure I was happy, and all my questions were answered than he was in getting paid and setting up the next appointment. I am 64 and am a pretty good judge of character, I feel like your business truly cares for its clients (both living and deceased). May God bless you and the services you all perform. I would still be an emotional mess if your business did not exist. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference, I could not be a happier customer. God bless you all,
Rick Baker

From a client in California 

 "I live in California and my mother is laid to rest in Lithuanian National Cemetery in Justice, IL. I wanted to honor her memory on her birthday with flowers at her gravesite and was fortunate in locating Darius Marchertas of Grave Care Services. He was very kind, caring,  and easy to talk to. He helped me select just the right type of plant for the season, and being a former funeral director he knew of the various Cemetery restrictions. He delivered the flowers on the exact day, watered them onsite and even said a prayer, which touched me very much. I received a photo online immediately and I felt like I was there myself. On top of this excellent service, his fee was extremely reasonable. Not living close to a loved one’s grave doesn’t have to mean not being able to visit in cyber-spirit through the services of Darius Marchertas."

From a client in Virginia 

 "I was looking for an organization to clean my family’s monument in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Alsip, IL. I found the website and contacted them. I live in Virginia so we communicated by phone and email. I got price quotes from two organizations.’s price covered everything I wanted and was significantly less expensive than the other firm. I communicated with Darius of, whose parent organization is House of Urns, LLC. He visited the gravesite before submitting a quote and included a picture of the memorial. Once I agreed to his price, he went to the cemetery and cleaned the memorial. He sent me before and after pictures. He wasn’t satisfied that it was clean enough so he returned a few days later and went through the process again. Again, he sent me pictures. In addition, he edged the gravesite and mulched around the monument. In my view, he did an excellent job. I saw the grave site a few days later at my brother’s funeral."

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