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House of Urns once again has taken a vested concern in family care and has expanded upon our highly rated funeral and memorial product offerings, by providing families, gravesite care services. House of Urns is a locally owned, family operated business located in the Chicago land area. It is the mission of House of Urns, that our grave maintenance services and flower placement, will fulfill our families’ desires and requirements, just as we have been personally performing for family clients across all of our product offerings. Our online presence includes sites such as,, and the newest store, It is tradition at House of Urns to build with families one on one relationships and attention, which begins with each and every family client receiving a phone call from the owner introducing himself at the time of family inquiry or an order of services, and discuss exact concerns and desires, with follow-ups, after. It is not uncommon for relations to continue well after, with past family members who just pick up the phone and call us just to talk. Remember, the owner is a former funeral director who has a calling and passion to help people. If you require just basic gravestone cleaning, to full monument restoration, with anything in between, GCS will handle the need.



Care Services

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All Services Guaranteed. Free gravesite assessments are performed if needed and upon request. This added value service is especially beneficial if there are no family members left in the area. If you are not satisfied with the results from the photos we took, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied. That is why you hired us in the first place.

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Importance of the Services

It is necessary for the public to understand that there is a service that is dedicated to families even after an internment or inurnment has taken place that will tend to your loved one’s resting place. All needed upkeep can be accomplished and catered to; by choosing our offered comprehensive services to customized individual requests, regarding each burial site along with the monument or marker that is present. There are a variety of reasons that people are no longer capable of carrying out their grave care tending duties some which are possibly, a less capable spouse tending to a gravesite, infirmity, children or relatives of the deceased that have moved long distances. One is also able to pre-plan with us for perpetuity, if no relatives are left to tend your plot. Let us not forget that these reasons also affect the maintenance of pet burial locations. There is no longer a need to worry about how and who will tend a loved one’s burial site. Cemeteries perform a great job on the general maintenance of the common cemetery grounds, such as mowing the common public areas and removing litter and so on. It is though, left up to the family to handle the details of their family’s, relative’s, freind’s gravesite maintenance. As a reminder, damage to headstones, markers do occur from prolonged exposure to varying types of soiling agents. Including overall long-term weather exposure.


Importance of Headstone Cleaning Services

Click to read how Regular cleaning helps prevent this deterioration, ensuring the headstone lasts for years to come. We also offer more than just a surface shine.


Guide to Our Headstone Cleaning Services

We at Grave Care Services offer a respectful way to care for the memorials of our loved ones. Keeping your headstones clean and well-maintained ensures your memory is honored for years to come.


Headstone and Marker Materials

Since headstone, markers, personal monuments are made from natural material, they all require certain care when cleaning. Some are more, some are less, reactive to cleaning processes. In any matter though, time and the environment will affect them if not cared for.

Olive Yew.,Author

I live in California and my mother is laid to rest in Lithuanian National Cemetery in Justice, Il. I wanted to honor her memory on her birthday with flowers at her gravesite and was fortunate in locating Darius Marchertas of Grave Care Services. He was very kind, caring and easy to talk to. He helped me select just the right type of plant for the season, and being a former funeral director he knew of the various Cemetery restrictions. He delivered the flowers on the exact day, watered them onsite and even said a prayer, which touched me very much. I received a photo online immediately and I felt like I was there myself. On top of this excellent service, his fee was extremely reasonable. Not living close to a loved one’s grave doesn’t have to mean not being able to visit in cyber-spirit through the services of Darius Marchertas.